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PROTRAINING is a leading training consultancy offering award-winning Business Games, Business Simulations and Discovery Learning Solutions.

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Core Methodologies of Our Training Centers

PROTRAINING equips professionals with the specific tools and knowledge they need to succeed in their field of expertise. We employ an experiential approach to corporate training that allows learners to uncover, develop, and enhance new skills through discovery learning. Participants play an active role in our courses, as they interact with each other and their environment to develop new skills and harness their individual strengths. This unique approach results in stronger retention of newfound knowledge for quick and consistent application in the workplace. Our corporate training programmes cover a wide range of specialisations, from team building, sales, and presentations to leadership and management. We are currently based in Newcastle, servicing companies and professionals across London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, and Liverpool. We also have offices in the UAE and Turkey. As professional training providers, we have a deep-seated passion for people, personal growth, and business success. It is that same passion that drives us to provide the best possible solutions to our partner clients, making us one of the most trusted training companies in Newcastle, London, and the entire UK. We offer courses completely customised to the requirements and budget limitations of our clients. Whether you are a professional with an eye for career growth, or a business owner seeking to develop the skills of your core team, we can personalise a programme to suit your needs. This value-driven approach has made us one of the most preferred training companies in the UK today. Whether you are looking to take that next step in your career from London, Leeds, or Birmingham, or seeking a sustainable solution to growing your business, PROTRAINING can help you accomplish your corporate goals.

S Abou Hanna on Decisions,Decisions

S Abou Hanna on Decisions,Decisions

Corporate Vice President


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