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Redefining the true meaning of team in the broader organisational context

Why is teamwork important? It does not mean everybody can do each other’s jobs, it is more about synergy whereby the sum is greater than the parts. If properly developed, teamwork maximises strengths, bringing out the collective best outcomes. Just as it is one thing to join a team, but quite another to perform as a team member, so it is that a team without teamwork does not work. This activity is all about team performance.


  • 16 to 36 per game mat.
  • 60 to 90 minutes + debriefing
  • Team Building & Conferences
  • Benefits

  • Planning strategically and executing flawlessly as one big team in order to achieve objectives in a timely manner

  • Silo mentality delays and possibly prevents success

  • Managing communication in the face of adversity

  • Gaining practical hands-on mastery of the principles of constraints through game play

  • Learning to manage systems-induced change over which you have little or no control

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