Business Networking (How To Work a Room)

Promises, Promises

Executives need to know how to interact effectively, mingle professionally and do so with ease and confidence. Research has indicated that 75% of all executives feel anxious or not at ease in networking situations.

This programme is ideal for increasing comfort zones and effectiveness. This is a Protocol School of Washington programme which PROTRAINING is certified to deliver that is highly interactive, engaging and practical. The key benefit to networking like a professional is that you achieve better results from your networking opportunities.


  • Max 25
  • ½ day
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Identify the common mistakes to avoid

  • Demonstrate the protocol of introductions

  • Learn tips for building rapport

  • Know how to enter and exit a conversation with strangers

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Badar M. Chaudhry on Networking Skills

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