Customer Centricity - Tactic Travel Simulation

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Tactic Travel is an interactive business simulation, the first of its kind in the UAE for customer service improvement. This workshop allows participants to discover the importance of customer focus and to apply these insights within their own organisation

Important themes such as an outside-in perspective, customer requirements, customer satisfaction, customer communication and creating ambassadors/promoters form common threads throughout the game. Cooperation and sharing customer information also plays an important role. By the end of the day on Tactic Travel, your team will clearly know how to shift their focus from a process driven environment to one that puts the customer needs at the heart of the organisation. The impact of a customer centric strategy is also reflected on the bottom line.


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  • Making a plan and sticking to it are two different things.

  • Bad customer service processes produces bad service, even if you work hard.

  • Unclear processes are a source of customer complaints and create the need for rework.

  • Processes need to be customer focused, clear and standardised to add value.

  • It is important to monitor customer satisfaction and have a strategy to improve it

  • Deposits in the ‘Emotional Bank Account’ of customers influence business levels.

  • Creating ‘Ambassadors’ who recommend your company is a customer centric goal of every company.

  • The effects of customers being ‘Anti-Promoters’ negatively impacts the bottom line.

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