Decisions Decisions

Promises, Promises

Decisions! Decisions! is all about group decision making and brings out the dilemma of keeping customers happy but, at the same time, not letting costs run out of control.

The programme is an interactive and engaging team and decision-making business game that challenges groups to solve problems by consensus, under time pressure and on a budget! Learning how to please a dissatisfied customer while balancing a business need such as costs and/or profit margins is a skill no business should do without, especially front line employees.


  • Min 12 – Max 64
  • ½ day
  • Team Building & Conferences
  • Benefits

  • Drive the business need to manage expenses when solving customer service problems

  • Appreciate the impact of decisions on long term customer loyalty

  • Discuss the value of solving problems in consultation with team members

  • Reach consensus within a given time frame

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S Abou Hanna on Decisions,Decisions

S Abou Hanna on Decisions,Decisions

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