Effective Business & Report Writing

Promises, Promises

Consider the impact these two reports could have on an organisation. “Report A” could result in avoiding an investment saving the company a lot of money. “Report B” needs to persuade its readers to invest in a cure that would save so many lives. Aligned with business objectives both decisions are critical and must be taken seriously so that the impact isn't eroded due to a low standard of report writing.

Effective business and report writing must satisfy a business purpose and result in a sound decision. This is a two-day programme that aims to give individuals more confidence and competence at composing reports which will undoubtedly increase credibility and result in better outcomes for the business.


  • Max 14
  • 2 Days
  • Communication Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Gaining knowledge about fundamental business writing rules that increase proficiency in composing reports and documents

  • Applying easy to follow forms for reporting incidents; procedures and findings from their investigations

  • Composing clear, concise and organised recommendations and proposals following the SOPPADA style (Subject, Objective, Present situation, Proposal, Advantages, Disadvantages and Action needed)

  • Practicing writing various documents and reports in a supportive, team based atmosphere

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