Enhancing Communication for Peak Performance

Promises, Promises

Every business leader wants to improve staff morale, reduce absenteeism, increase sales, create more ‘stars’ and future leaders within the company.

The area where many business leaders encounter problems is communicating their ideas and vision to others.  Dr. Robert Bolton reports a study which found that 80% of people, who fail professionally, do so not because they aren't competent technically, but rather because they fail to relate well with other people.  Communication is an essential component of every leader’s skills set.


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  • 1 Day
  • Communication Solutions
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Seeing things from the perspective of others

  • Discovering how your results are impacted by your actions, feelings and thoughts

  • Creating a Peak Performance ‘state’

  • Learning why rapport with others is vital

  • Reducing misunderstandings

  • Retrieving information that people delete, distort and generalise

  • Clarifying roadblocks and obstacles quickly

  • Getting team members unstuck

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