Interviewing Skills

Promises, Promises

The Interviewing Skills programme is a must try for any HR professional and for line manager responsible for recruiting. The practical programme with many interactions uses syndicate exercises and role playing over 2 days to embed the required skills.

In order to achieve a competitive advantage, having the right people on board is a must. The programme gives the interviewer the confidence and the best practice applied to attracting the right talent from a shrinking talent pool. At the end of an Interviewing Skills training programme, the participant will be able to carry out a candidate evaluation by conducting a competency-based interview.


  • Max 12
  • 2 DAYS
  • Communication Solutions
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Increase commitment to using interviewing best practice

  • Apply effective questioning techniques and listening to clarify and follow-up information

  • Isolate the job requirements, and competencies

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