Money $marts! A workshop on Personal Finance

Promises, Promises

Money $marts! is a two day workshop that has been developed to impart important knowledge and skills for the management of personal finances. Learning about personal finance is an essential life-skill since it equips a person with the knowledge and understanding to make smarter money choices.

This training is unique as it incorporates a custom designed board game simulation – Money $marts! Through game play in small teams, participants will learn to navigate through 5 years of financial decisions and see their impact of their decisions on their overall financial health – yet in a safe low risk environment. Money $marts! ensures that learning about personal finance is an engaging, fun and educational experience.


  • Min 6 - Max 16
  • 2 Full Days or 4 Half Days
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Learn the basic steps on the road to financial freedom

  • Uncover the myths about money

  • Learn how to set financial goals and personal budgets

  • Understand the dangers and power of compound interest

  • Understand debt and practical ways to reduce and avoid debt

  • Learn how to plan for major investments

  • Gain insight to universal money principles

  • Discover how to stay on the road to financial freedom

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