Negotiation Skills

Promises, Promises

Negotiating for Success is designed to provide essential tools, concepts and practices of negotiating, to successfully develop an individual's flexibility and ability for both everyday situations and negotiations of major importance.

Success! Arriving at a collaborative solution “win-win” is achieved by successful negotiators and that becomes the success of you and your company.


  • Max 12
  • 2 days
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Best Selling Programmes
  • Benefits

  • Identify common negotiation mistakes and their own negotiation style and that of others

  • Explore the role of effective communication in creating a receptive negotiation climate

  • Experience the impact of lack of information on the negotiation outcome

  • Use the 5 steps process to negotiate win: win outcomes

  • Create a compelling argument

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M. Bazerman on Negotiating for Success

M. Bazerman on Negotiating for Success


Author of: Negotiating Rationally

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Sue McIntosh

"Inspiring people to open their minds to new ideas, perspectives and ways of working and interacting with others is a privilege "

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