Outclass the Competition

Promises, Promises

Outclass the Competition is a Protocol School of Washington course delivered by a certified Consultant. It is ideal for executives who interact with associates inside and outside of the business and those who are required to attend company functions and entertain clients for lunch or dinner.

Polished business etiquette is a reflection of a company’s investment in their people. As a first point of contact in a corporate setting, the first impression paves the way for future business.


  • Max 25
  • 1 day
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Sensitively and objectively broach difficult topics such as dining etiquette and navigating a business lunch or dinner from a perceived ‘expert’ source

  • Polish and hone interpersonal skills

  • Develop the skills of creating immediate first impressions on clients and business associates

  • Communicate the behaviours that would indicate social ease and confidence in business networking situations

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Kapil Bhatnagar on Outclass the Competition

Kapil Bhatnagar on Outclass the Competition

Account Manager - Wealth Management

First Gulf Bank

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