Social Styles

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How to appreciate and manage the differences in communication styles

It appears simple - to communicate effectively we just have to say what we mean. But all too often communication gets lost in translation despite the best of intentions. People say one thing, the other person interprets something else and there is also the way in which a message is delivered which can lead to misunderstandings, frustration, and conflicts. More than just the words, effective communication combines a set of skills including nonverbal communication and the capacity to recognise and understand one’s own priorities and those of the other person. This session helps to expand the mindset towards the unavoidable differences between us.


  • Any number
  • 2 to 3 hours
  • Team Building & Conferences
  • Benefits

  • Flexibility is the ultimate aim of this training, so flexing-ability brings the participants’ knowledge together to form practical,actionable strategies for working with and communicating with people of each style.

  • Improving communication and teamwork communication challenges.

  • The different types of Social Styles are: Driving Style People, Amiable Style People, Analytical Style People, Expressive Style People.

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