Tactic Travel

Promises, Promises

Participants will experience the importance of a strong customer focused culture and must work hard in order to achieve it.

This is a business simulation in which teams are responsible for running a travel business called Tactic Travel. With the challenge to improve profits and increase customer satisfaction. They are given roles and existing processes to master and then the ‘doors’ open for business under this new management. Eventually teams realise they must change the processes and focus if they are ever going to improve the level of customer satisfaction, loyalty, referrals and ultimately the financial outcomes needed to stay in business.


  • 15 per facilitator
  • 1 to 2 days
  • Communication Solutions
  • Leadership Solutions
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Benefits

  • This activity is both engaging and effective.

  • Important themes such as an outside-in perspective, customer requirements, and customer satisfaction versus customer delight, the customer emotional bank account, customer communication and creating ambassadors/promoters, will all form common themes throughout the game.

  • Whether you currently deal with individual customers or other companies, internal or external clients, TacticTravel can be used in any setting where customers play an important role, including government and not-for-profit organisations.

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