Telephone Etiquette

Promises, Promises

This comprehensive programme covers all aspects of telephone handling. It creates awareness, skills and commitment towards achieving the highest professional standards over the telephone.

The telephone is the most commonly used and one of the most commonly misused tools in business. It is your life line to the outside world, your vital link to customers, suppliers, colleagues and nearly everyone in your professional life. By mastering the skills necessary for becoming an effective telephone communicator you and your company can bypass your competitors. Make sure that your front line team make a professional and polished first impression over the phone just as though the client was in the office being greeted.


  • Max 14
  • 2 days
  • Sales & Negotiation Solutions
  • Benefits

  • Evaluate telephone standards and common errors to avoid

  • Explain the correct and incorrect telephone etiquette

  • Identify what words and phrases sound unprofessional

  • Explain how to handle difficult telephone scenarios

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