Sales & Negotiation Solutions

Managing and motivating sales teams is an ongoing responsibility. Identifying the performance gaps requires the right form of development in the sales process. Consider the below programmes as a snapshot and discuss your needs with our business consultant to help you identify the best fit for your sales training objectives.

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  • Communication
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  • Sales & Negotiation

Sales Training & Negotiation Solutions

Whether you are a sales professional or a manager overseeing your sales team, PROTRAINING’s full suite of sales and negotiation training courses is what you need to update your skills and techniques while aiding your team and company’s growth through effective sales strategies.

Access a broad range of customisable sales training courses in London & throughout UK

At PROTRAINING, we understand that sales is a highly competitive field which requires professionals to keep their knowledge and skills up-to-date. Our programmes aim to empower managers in managing and motivating their teams, while equipping them with needed skills to effectively pinpoint performance gaps and develop the most suitable solutions for these challenges.

Below is an overview of the programmes we provide in relation to Sales & Negotiation. Get in touch with our business consultants and let us know your specific needs and objectives, so we can help you identify the programme that best fits your corporate requirements.

From Proactive Sales methods and Negotiation Skills Training, to Telephone Etiquette and improving Emotional Intelligence and Business Networking, we offer a host of programmes facilitated by industry-leading experts who provide honest feedback and individualised coaching.

Providing world-class training in Manchester, London and other major economic hubs in UK

PROTRAINING provides internationally recognised training programmes that are structured to polish each participant’s unique skillset and provide them with improvement strategies that build on their strengths and address specific areas of development.

Through experiential and discovery learning, our programmes allow participants to retain information better, by up to 75% higher than traditional methods, and immediately apply their newfound knowledge and skills in the workplace or in the field.

Based in Newcastle, PROTRAINING is home to a team of highly qualified training facilitators who offer a wealth of multi-disciplinary knowledge and experience. To know how we can help you and your team, give us a call at +44 191 233 6312 or drop us a line at We’ll be more than happy to walk you through our training courses and workshop schedules.

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