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To successfully manage a project, people need the principles of project management (the framework) and the people on the project (the assets) to be aligned. This section is for any manager or supervisor who wants to deliver on time and within budget to the defined criteria of outcomes.

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Project Management Training Courses

Intelligent project management allows organisations to achieve short and mid-term goals that build towards long-term corporate objectives.

PROTRAINING offers agile project management training courses that equip professionals with the necessary skills and tools to accomplish projects on time, producing high quality results.

Highly Effective Training to Equip Professionals with Agile Project Management Skills

PROTRAINING employs a personalised approach to management training that combines theory and practical application within a controlled environment to create a truly impactful learning experience. With experiential learning programmes participants gain a better understanding of theory through first-hand experience and practical exercise. Through our courses, participants get a stronger grasp of technical concepts such as change management, conflict resolution, and problem solving via practical application under the guidance of qualified instructors.

Our office is located in Newcastle, catering to professionals from London, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds and other cities in the UK.

Skills Learned from our Training Courses

Managing Confusion

Our training will prepare participants for the inevitable confusion during projects and allow them to manage the various moving parts of a team to achieve seamless collaboration and cooperation. At the end of a course, the participant is expected to have the ability to identify the right talent, allocate the right resources and set various goals to produce the expected outcome within the set timeline.

Reducing Risk

Achieving the desired results of a project relies on reducing risks to a minimum. PROTRAINING can help leaders understand how to identify and reduce the risks involved in a project to improve efficiency and achieve goals.

Enforcing Quality

The success or failure of a project is largely determined by the quality of its outcome. Quality management improves a project’s rate of success by streamlining internal processes and ensuring that the work done is according to the highest standards.

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