Our Approach

Our training is fun and our results are serious! Experiential and discovery learning follow a “Learn by Doing” approach. This approach to learning is fun to encourage change. The retention of learning is highest through experiences.

The “Learn by Doing” experience is best captured by Confucius:

I hear and I forgot, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.”

The Experiential Learning Cycle below allows every delegate to apply the learning in a safe environment enabling them to transfer the learning back to the work place immediately. They include activities, board game simulations, discovery maps, and a high level of engagement.



Retention on the Learning Pyramid


Experiential and discovery learning are hands-on requiring participation. The anticipated retention is 75% compared to a 5% in learning from traditional methods such as lectures. The best way to evaluate this is to compare your experience on one of our business simulations, discovery map training solutions or dynamic team building experiences. Otherwise make sure you register for any of our upcoming showcases.


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Whether you are looking to find out more about the work we do, how we can help transform your business or just be part of one of our upcoming workshops, we are happy to answer all your queries.

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